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Episode · 2 days ago

The Road to Recovery Leads to New Friendships

Mike Neatherton is the former head of the Betty Ford Clinic. He's an Ohio native and in recovery since 1978. In this podcast Mike shares the story of his personal journey in recovery, the impact it has had on his family and his belief in the power of organizational health. This is a fascinating and powerful conversation that ever leader of a team should hear.

Episode · 1 week ago

How Much Time Do Your People Spend Trying to Figure Out What You Are Thinking So They Can Tell You What You Want to Hear?

I know... the title may be longer than this minilog. But every manager and leader needs to ask thmeselves this question. Do you talk too much? Too little? Are you able to suspend judegement so you can learn from your people instead of teaching them that when you want their opinion you'll give it to them!? Listen and see how you are doing!

Episode · 2 weeks ago

The 3 C's to Leading a Covid Weary Team

Most teams are tired. Their habits and rituals have been interrupted. Connections built on being in each other's company and critical to team unity are now mostly virtual. In this minlog I share the things you should be watching and things you can do to protect your culture from becoming more frayed and weakend. Don't let this happen to your team and culture!

Episode · 3 weeks ago

Your Standards Matter to Everyone

Eric Kuester is the VP of Sales and Marketing at the iconic Pinehurst Resort, home to the famous #2 Course where Payne Stewart won his US Open title. Eric leads a team of over 50 people who have responsibility for answering the phones and bringing in groups for both business and pleasure. He's developed a reputation for exceeding expectations and he credits the standards he's learned to set as the key. You'll enjoy hearing how he's grown into his role and learning more about this amazing resort.