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The Ed Eppley Experience

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#3 of The Three Critical Questions


What Have I Done in The Last 90 Days To Be A Significantly Better Manager or Leader?" This is the final of the 3 Critical Questions.... The first two are, "Who Have I Held Accountable Beside or Above Me by Entering Into a Dangerous Conversation?" and "What Disruptive Breakthrough That Would Be Hard for Me or The Organization, Have I Considered?" This one focuses on the tremendous leverage we can produce for the company when we improve as a manager and leader. Managers and executives must remember that our skill is not the number of years of experience we have. If I was going to be arrested for getting better at my job in the last year, would there be enough evidence to convict me?

Welcome to the Ed Epley Experience Minilog let professional management expert Ed Epley inspire you to take action onbuilding a more sustainable, smart and healthy business. Hey, welcome everyoneto another mini log here on the Ed Epley experience today's topic. Whathave I done in the last 90 days to become a significantly better manageror leader? That question is one of three critical questions I think youneed to ask yourself. We need to ask ourselves as managers and leaders ofothers. So what have I done in the last 90 days to be a significantly bettermanager or leader? Number two, who have I had? I'm sorry, who have I heldaccountable beside me or above me or below me by entering into a difficultor dangerous conversation. And number...

...three, what breakthrough of a radicalnature? What disruption that would be hard for me, let alone the company Toconsider. Have I given thought to that would produce more sustainable results.Those are the three critical questions. So today's many log is about that firstone. What have I done in the last 90 days to become significantly better atmy job? You know, everyone has to become 3-5% more productive annually tokeep up with the increased cost of doing business. So that's not an option.If we don't do that, the business is going to become less sustainablemanagers and executives have a disproportionate impact on the resultsbecause they produce their results working through others. Individualcontributors. They have a one on one. If you will impact on the businessmanagers can have a 1 to 6 to 8 to 10 kind of ratio. So when I get better asa manager and leader of others, that should be multiplied through the numberof people that I supervise manager lead. And then the last thing to remember isthat another year of experience does...

...not always equal significantimprovement skill. In fact, you and I both know people in our organizationWho have 20 individual years of experience, but not 20 years ofsuccessive better experience. And so when do we plateau becomes our ownresponsibility and we've got to make sure that it's not too soon. There'sanother factor to consider in terms of improving our skills and that is toimprove our skills. The impact from our effort needs to model what we want fromothers. So said more succinctly, I need to set the example by my own efforts toimprove of what I would expect from the people that I manage and lead. You know,there's an inverse relationship. I think also by executives in terms oftheir willingness to get better. If I'm a low level manager, it's probablyexpected and I probably would demonstrate a high level of interest atgetting better simply because I want my career path to continue. But the closerI get to being at the top of the...

...organization, I see less and lessconcerted effort for those individuals to become better at their jobs and theyput a tremendous amount of efforts in just trying to get the results that areexpected of them and the organization. I think if we would sharpen the Actsand truthfully get better at our skills, we would have to put in less efforttrying to get the results that the organization wants and needs from us.You know, I would like you to think about committing to an improvement inone area of your job where you could get better in a way that would bemeasurable. It would be noticeable and in fact it would be meaningful to theorganization. So if you're not sure how you would identify what to get betterat in order to improve your performance and subsequently, the companies, whydon't you go online to our website to the Epley Group and take our freeassessment so that you can identify some areas where you might improve yourperformance and by doing so improve the...

...performance of the organization andalso model for the rest of the people you manage and lead what you would wantfrom them. That's it for today's mini log. We'll be back with another onenext week. Have a good day. Yeah, thanks for listening to the Ed EpleyMini log, visit W W W The Epley Group dot com. For resources tips, addslatest blogs and a free assessment on where to improve your professionalmanagement skills.

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