The Ed Eppley Experience
The Ed Eppley Experience

Episode 25 · 2 years ago

Doing Things Differently


Major changes in your market create an opportunity to reset your business. Now might be the best time ever to pivot your strategy, abandon marginal products, services or suppliers. This five minute update may be the most important thing you'll hear this week.

Welcome to the ED epley experience minilog. Let professional management expert Ed Epley Inspire you to take action on building a more sustainable, smart and healthy business. Hello, this is at Eppley, another mini log for you and I'm following up on another most recent one I did, where we talked about substituting, coming up with alternative ways, adding things, doing things differently in order to respond to what the market is asking for us today. Some more thoughts about this. My wife works in an optometry practice and before the covid virus hit, she would be sitting at a desk that when you came into their office, she would greet you and she would check you in, as they do in these different doctors offices, and check insurance and all those different things that required to meet the not only hipper requirements but the doctor's office requirements, so...

...that they could do a good job at taking care of your eyes. Well, they no longer have a waiting room. They have you no longer come in and see my wife or anybody else. Instead, you're going to check in virtually by texting or calling their office when you arrive and saying you're there, and they will intern alert you when your turn to come in, so you're no longer greeted by somebody and forced to wait in the waiting room. You wait in your car but when you come in you go immediately into one of the exam rooms. That could be good news, that could be bad news, depending on what you want or what you would like, but suffice it to say, the waiting rooms they're no longer another change that's happened. There's a Burger King Restaurant near where she works and they have the everything burger there and she occasionally will go over there and get it. They have stopped taking cash. They will only now take credit card, and so again I'm thinking about the consequences of that that essentially they're saying if you want to pay...

...with cash, you're not our customer, and that's not necessarily wrong, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but it's definitely different. And so I'm wondering about other places and different things that are going to be happening, where life will be different post covid crisis, because people are thinking about different ways to deliver the services they offer. What should they eliminate, what should they add? What should they ask us to not do? or who will no longer be their customer. Couple other thoughts and we'll wrap up on this one. If you have a customer that's a commercial customer, beat to be customer. They're not used to pay in cash anyway, so not a big deal. It's only in the B to see business to consumer world where that probably makes a difference. But then I got to thinking about we used to be comfortable sending invoices and no longer do many people do that. They it, maybe they email them, but a lot of times they'll just send you an email that says you owe me this money and we pay by Zel. So we're changing the way we do transactions all the time. So thoughts for today?...

Should you stop invoicing? Should you not take cash? Should you get rid of your waiting room, whatever those look like for you in your business, something to think about. Thanks for listening. Talk to you next time. Thanks for listening to the ED epley minilog. visit www the EPLI groupcom for resources, tips, ED's latest blogs and a free assessment on where to improve your professional management skills.

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