The Ed Eppley Experience
The Ed Eppley Experience

Episode · 8 months ago

Great Teams Have the Capacity to Lead Themselves


In this minilog I share why you may want the team you lead to develop the capacity to lead itself. The premise can be scary, especially to newer and younger managers. Think of it as similar to when you delegate something you are great at doing to one of your people. Just because there are risks doesn't mean you shouldn't do it. In five minutes you'll better know whether your team, and you are ready for this next step in their/your development.

Welcome to the Ed Epley experience.Mini log. Let professional management expert Ed Epley inspire you to takeaction on building a more sustainable, smart and healthy business. Hello,everyone. Ed Epley Back with you and another mini logs I've got aninteresting opportunity for you to consider were recently, I've beenworking with a team where the executive for a number of reasons once this teamto do a better job of leading themselves. So it got me to thinking ifI was going to figure out how well my team was prepared to lead themselvesand possibly others, what would I do? How would I find that out? So Numberone. There's probably some things that we would want to know that the team hasthe capacity to do if we were going to expect them to better lead themselves.Number one. Are they talking about the right things? Are they really puttingthe right issues on the table without... being involved or in this case, youbeing involved with them? Do they also have the right capacity to debate andargue about whatever the right topic is? Do they do a good job of mining forconflict. Do they do a good job of encouraging each other toe weigh in?And then I think the next thing would be if they've done all of those thingsto that point, Do they demonstrate that they have the capacity to makedecisions and hopefully make the best decision that they can in the leastamount of time? So, you know, if you think about it, why would you want ateam to better lead themselves? Well, what that would mean for you is itwould free up some of your time. It would definitely increase thecapability and the confidence of this team that you're leading. And probablyI would think that a number of the members would see their individualleadership skills and perhaps facilitation skills improve as well.And that means that we have people who...

...would more likely be able to rise up inthe organization, which most of us need now. Are there risks? I think thereprobably are one. It might take more time. It might not be as fast a way toget to the best decision. Eso if speed is of a concern. This may be somethingyou want to keep in mind. You also. If you don't weigh in and some of thedecisions a team makes, they would be absent that feedback and input. Andthat means sometimes they might not make the best decision. But certainlythey should learn from that. And certainly the team will struggle attimes. It won't feel comfortable and intuitive in all cases. For you, therisk might be that it feels like you don't have your hand on the steeringwheel of the team as you might normally like it. So that could be pretty darnuncomfortable is well, I know it would be for me. I don't know if you want todo this or not, but I certainly would. If I had a team. I would test theircapacity to lead themselves and hopefully lead others by their abilityto have the right conversations about...

...the right topics without you having toprompt it and then demonstrating that they have the capacity to make thedecision. I hope you get that some consideration. That's it for this manylog. I hope it works for you. And I hope you have the courage to test itwith your teeth. Thanks for listening to the Ed Epleymini log visit W W W the Epley group dot com for resource is tips, addslatest blog's and a free assessment on where to improve your professionalmanagement skills.

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