The Ed Eppley Experience
The Ed Eppley Experience

Episode 24 · 2 years ago

The Most Important Thing Right Now is Knowing What's Most Important


If you and your team don't agree in advance on what the "most important thing" is for your company to advance, then people at the lower levels will be left to fight the "unwinable" fights that otherwise occur. Do them and your business sa favor, get your team together today and listen to this quick hitting way to stay aligned!

Welcome to the Ed Epley experience, Minilog let, professional management experts Ed Epley inspire you to take action on building a more sustainable, smart and healthy business. What's the most important thing you should be doing right now? That's a bit of a rhetorical question, but it's also a little question I'm asking virtually all of my clients. So, when you think about what you're having to do today in the world in which you operate, part of what you have to be able to do is focus. And when we're not doing business and normal conditions, it's so easy to be busy and not be effective. It's so easy to be busy and not productive. I would like for you to think about focus in the context of being able to make a different sort of separate certain things as being more important than others. Paredo was an Italian and... the I think it was like fourteen hundreds, he identified that in the city in Italy where he lived, of that eighty percent of the wealth was owned by twenty percent of the families, and that eighty twenty rule has gone out on to play out as being pretty normal in most businesses and in most individuals. Contributions to a business so when you look at all the things I might do if I work for you, if I did a hundred things, there are twenty of them that I do that really produce the value that you, as the business owner, would care about. So part of our job in business is to be able to identify the disproportionate few things that create the most value, and what those would normally be under normal business conditions could be radically different right now. So I think you have to ask yourself, in the timeframe of the next thirty, forty five days, what's the most important thing for us to get done, and this maybe might just be staying in business. In other cases staying in business is not the issue. I was...

...talking with a client earlier today. They have more orders than they normally have right now. Their problem is they can't get them produced because of some challenges with their production machinery. So for him right now the most important thing is to improve the, if you will, the uptime of the equipment that they're operating, and they need to do that right away. Otherwise they're going to lose possibly some customers or some orders and even lose market share when they otherwise would not. Another way to think about this is is also over the next ninety days. What's the most important thing? That may not be the same when we change the timeframe. When you are able to separate one or two things as being far more important your business success to others, then you can spend more time, more energy and more of your resources on those few disproportionate things that will allow you to have more success. Remember the Parado principle a few things matter more than all the others. Thanks for listening to the ED...

...eple minilog. visit www the EPLI groupcom for resources, tips, D's latest blogs and a free assessment on where to improve your professional management skills.

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