The Ed Eppley Experience
The Ed Eppley Experience

Episode 36 · 1 year ago

The NOW Normal


Most business leaders haven't experienced such a turbulent time like the past 6 months. Here's 5 minutes that will help you decide whether you should be using a microscope or a telescope to examine your business. Now more than ever you need to decide whether your business should be "playing to win" vs. "playing not to lose".

Welcome to the ED epley experience.Minilog Let. Professional management expert Ed Epley Inspire you to take action on buildinga more sustainable, smart and healthy business. Hey everyone, this is at Epleywith your mini log for today. You know, I keep hearing theterm new normal, and then my friend Jeff Daniels out in steamboat springs peggeda version of this that I think's even more relevant. It's called the nownormal. You know, new normal says that we're going to get to thisnew state of equilibrium, but Jeff's perspective in mine, soon after I heardabout this, made me realize I think this is more likely to be thecase, is that the now normal is whatever we're experiencing for the next,probably anywhere one to four weeks. If I gave you an analogy of whatthis would look like, instead of an escalator that would take us from onefloor pretty smoothly and in one direction and...

...very predictably to another level, Ithink what we're going to be doing now is walking in a stairwell and thestairs are made up of individual steps and some go up, some go down, some turn left, some turn right, and the whole idea is that itis not predictable. We just take a step and then we see wherethe next one takes us. That's more like the new normal. I thinkthere are two instruments that you need right now in your organization, and I'msaying this facetiously. I think you need a microscope. I think you needto look at Your Business, your model of way of doing business, ina very critical way to see whether or not it's probably relevant or as relevantas it was before we got to this place. I also think you needa telescope. You need to be looking way out and kind of think abouttwelve, eighteen months from now. What are we going to be possibly experiencing? And do I need more efficiency or do I need to build up theresiliency of my business right now? So this is not so much new normal. It's not an easy, simple, one step at a time kind ofaffix as much as it is a now...

...normal. What are we faced withright now? How introspective should we be versus how outward looking should we be? That's it for today's Manilog. Hope to see you next time. Thanks. Thanks for listening to the ED eple minilog. visit www the EPLI groupcomfor resources, tips, ED's latest blogs and a free assessment on where toimprove your professional management skills.

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