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The Ed Eppley Experience

Episode · 4 months ago

Want Your People to Grow? Get Out of Their Way.


Part of every manager's job is to "grow their people". That means improving their personal productivity by 3-5% every year. And most of us unintentionally limit the growth of our people by failing to delegate enough, especially to our high potential people. Join me in this minlog as I share what other execs do to reduce the time it takes for their people to grow!

Welcome to the Ed Eppley Experience Mini Log let professional management expert Ed Epley Inspire Youth to take action on building a more sustainable, smart and healthy business. Hey, it's Ed Epley. Question for you. Do you want your people to grow? The answer I have is get out of their way. That's the topic for today's mini log here on the ED epley experience. For some reason, in all of the executive team meetings of which I've been a part the last couple of months, there's been tremendous discussion about growing people. It may be an indicator that everyone right now feels they need higher performing people, since they can't find all of the people that they need, so they're having to make do with probably flatter or leaner organizations and ideally they'd like to have so in response to that, trying to get more work done, more done...

...better, faster with less, they are thinking about how do we elevate the performance of individuals and teams. Several of these conversations have led to discussions about the best way to unleash the potential in the people that are part of these organizations, especially subordinates of the executives or the executive teams. I helped facilitate a discussion between a wonderful CEO and her team that led to the team asking her to let them take on more of the day to day running of the business. She and the team agreed that it would probably be best for her, in order to make this happen, to go on a vacation for at least a week and let them prove to her and, I think, to themselves as well, what their capacity was actually for stepping up and doing more of the work that, frankly, was being done, for a variety of reasons, by this great CEO. A month later, when I visited them, there was a universal excitement. In my mind, that's how what I would call it. There was a genuine Entho musiasm for what they had tried...

...and how it affected not only them as individuals, but for the organization, because, by all accounts it worked. Her stepping aside allowed each team, member of the executive team to step up, if you will, to a higher level. They had to do some things, make some decisions and carry through and take some actions on some stuff that otherwise she would have done, and the work got done, it got done well and there were some unintended consequences. I think that came from this that I want to share with you. So number one, I think there was increased confidence in the people. In other words, they got validation that they could actually do this in the absence of the CEO. And then, in addition, I got some comments from each of them that said something to the effect of I feel better about what I'm doing here. So I would put that into the category of increased job satisfaction. So this CEO is moving us. Letting her people do what...

...they are capable of really created greater autonomy and job satisfaction than they were previously having when she was doing things that cannon should have been done by them. So my question to you is, where do you need to get out of the way of your people? And if you don't know, I think you should ask them, and ask them together at the same time rather than one at a time. I think putting the group in the room and talking about what are you doing that gets in the way of them growing and, frankly, doing the work that probably can and should be done by them, would really be eye opening and I would also think it would suggest to the rest of those individuals that you have more confidence in them than perhaps they might think you have, and that's pretty important for them to know as well. So that's my advice today. Get Out of the way so your people can grow. That's our mini log. We'll be back with another one very soon.

M thanks for listening to the ED epley minilog. Visit www the epley group dot com for resources, tips, ED's latest blogs and a free assessment on where to improve your professional management skills. H.

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