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The Ed Eppley Experience

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We Get The Teams We Deserve


Sound harsh? Then this mini cast is for you. A great leader takes literal responsibility for the performance of their people, especially when it's not what it should be. When we don't like the results a person gives us, do we assume it's their fault, or ours? This is five minutes to challenge how much of the marginal performance in your team is their fault, or yours.

Welcome to the Ed Eppley Experience mini log let. Professional management expert Ed Epley inspire you to take action on building a more sustainable, smart and healthy business. Hello everyone, this is Ed Eppley back with a mini log for you today, and this one is about why we get the teams we deserve. You know, I routinely hear clients and people that I work with or talk to that are on executive teams say things like, you know, in meetings, my team doesn't ask questions. I have to drive all the conversation. Why don't they think through the consequences of what they're offering up as solutions to problems? Why do I have to be the one to figure that all out? Or I'll hear an individual talk about I've got this person who's not stepping up their game. You know that everybody else has, but this person has it. So when I hear people say they things like that, I stopped...

...and I pause because it's an indicator to me that perhaps there's a failure in the moment for that individual to acknowledge that they have the responsibility for owning the performance of the individuals they manage and lead, as well as the collective team. So I want to just talk a little bit about that today. A couple of questions for you, what's the number one frustration you have with your team or if you're the owner of the company, your company right now, what's the number one thing that frustrates you about that group of people? Another question for you, what is it that one of your direct reports does that harms their performance that you have been tolerating, So you know they're not at their best, but you've been tolerating them not doing something that would fix that lack of performance. And the last question would be where is there a lack of excellence in your business or department that holds the organization or the team back. So any one of those might help you think about a circumstance or situation that you've been taught the rating in some way that you know you really shouldn't... doing. So I want you to basically, first of all, give yourself a talking to about the need for yourself to own the lack of performance in this individual, this team, or your organization. We have to own this lack of performance before we can start to work on it. Because, as Bill Parcels, the NFL Football coach said, you are what your record says you are. So if we have someone that's not performing like they're supposed to and we've been tolerating that, it's not their fault. It's us for allowing that to happen. If we have a team that's not performing like they're supposed to, we have to own that and recognize that that team is our team and we are the cause in one way or another for this team's lack of performance. And if we have a company that's not performing as well as it should, that's on us as the owner of the company. So my admonition today is, what's that one thing that you're tolerating that you're going to...

...own and starting today, doing one thing to disrupt that status quo so that no longer exists. That's it for today's mini log. Talk to you soon. M Thanks for listening to the Ed Epley Mini loog. Visit www. The Epley group dot com for resources, tips, Ed's latest blogs and a free assessment on where to improve your professional management skills. H.

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